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Following is the details of the international media partners related to the show.

TEL: +41 44 586 56 44
E-mail: [email protected]

EFCF - the European Electrolyser & Fuel Cell Forum
EFCF - the European Electrolyser & Fuel Cell Forum, founded 1994, is an International Technical Conference Series with Exhibition, Tutorials, Promotion-Actions, Technology Exploitation and Vendor-Client-Platform & Network, Project Exchange and Investor-Start-Up Meeting & Matching Place.
It takes place annually at the beginning of July in Lucerne/Switzerland together with related events like GSM - Grid Service Market Symposium, MEEP - Microbial, Enzymatic Electrochemistry Platform Symposium, GreenSalon Promotion Action,  ... EFCF as a "Constant - Recognized - Community Focused" event is one of the most prominent meeting platforms for the exchange of scientific and technical information, from research to industry, as well as for the networking towards future solutions.
Figures: 10‘000 stakeholders informed, 500-600 Participants, >300 Contributions, 35 Sessions, 30-40 Exhibitors, 10-12 Social-, Investor-Events incl. Tutorials & Project Meetings, 4 days one inspiring location.

Contact: Monica WU
TEL: +41 44 586 56 44
E-mail: [email protected]

Focus Technology
Being a comprehensive service platform for foreign trade, is committed to tapping business opportunities for Chinese suppliers and overseas buyers, and providing one-stop services for promoting the international trade between the two sides. Over the past few years, has become one of the most extensive and reliable web addresses for international trade.

Millions of High-quality Products currently has more than 40 million pieces of product information from 27 industries. Besides, based on different procurement demands from different buyers, also provides various methods as follows for global buyers to source products.

Contact: Alice Pan
TEL: +886-2-8978-6488 ext. 664
E-mail: [email protected]

EnergyTrend, solar energy division of TrendForce, was established in 2010. EnergyTrend covers multiple green energy research sectors including solar energy, consumer/power lithium batteries, and electric cars.
Our photovoltaic market intelligence services include solar price updates, market trend reports, and comprehensive analysis of subsidy policies around the globe that lead to precise market installation demand forecasts.
Battery market research includes lithium battery manufacturers' shipment figures and quarterly prices as well as the latest trends in the battery industry. For more about EnergyTrend, please visit

Energy Tech Review
Energy Tech Review is a guardian angel in this concern, assisting the service providers and business people to choose from the vast pool of enterprises who have worked in the energy sector to bring positive changes in our environment.
Energy Tech Review aggregates the brightest minds, opinions, analyses, the latest technologies, and the most mind-boggling arguments about the critical issues that exist in the energy sector.

Utilities Tech Outlook
Utilities Tech Outlook is that quintessential platform that informs about the latest trends, challenges, and technology solutions in the space.
Utilities Tech Outlook follows a learn-from-peer approach where the decision-makers provide their opinions and reviews about innovative technologies,
which can create a difference for the utilities space. We aspire to be the trusted magazine for decision-makers in the various utility channels including electricity,
natural gas, waste management, water, and sewage, guiding them toward adopting the best in technology to streamline their operation, enhance customer experience, and boost revenue.

TEL: +91-120-4245782
E-mail: [email protected]

TimesTech Media
TimesTech Media, India's #1 growing B2B Media House, on Electronics and Technology is exploring the editorial opportunity for companies/firms working in the EMS Industry.
TimesTech Buzz is India's leading Magazine and Web portal, which is catering and addressing the industry hunger for electronics and technology information. We are hereby committed to giving our readers exhaustive information on electronics technology and revolutionary innovations in the field that will define the trajectory of coming times.
Professionals/engineers, who demand accuracy and excellence in their work, need to know about technology, methods, products and suppliers. They are included in every part of the procurement process with intent to action.
TimesTech continues to inspire a global audience dedicated to the largest qualified reader of any industry brand. Our Reader R&D Professional, Researcher and Product Designer, OEM and System Integrators - Are Your Customers.

Contact: Mr.GeunSoon Shin
TEL: +82-2-2055-1632
E-mail: [email protected]

Advanced Materials Economics News
Advanced Materials Economics News is weekly technical paper to deliver the news of important and basic industrial issue to contribute develop of our country.
We are dealing with various sections (Hydrogen, Renewable energy, Carbon neutrality, Materials, Parts, Industrial gas, Machine, 3d printing, Electric, Environment, Buisiness economy).
As we are a respectable technical paper, our main subscribers are people who work in Goverment, University, Laboratory and Institute. We also send News letter to subscribers every working day not only publish weekly paper and run website(

TEL: +65-31581386 (238)
E-mail: [email protected]

Asian Power Magazine
Asian Power is the definitive quarterly publication for the power generation, transmission and distribution industry in the Asia Pacific region. Each issue is packed with the latest news and issues, innovative software and IT solutions, market trend analyses, expert insights on pertinent issues, columns, and special country reports. Asian Power reports on a broad range of topics relevant to senior management in Asia’s power companies. Much of the coverage is driven from Hong Kong and Singapore and supplemented by relevant reporting from the rest of the Asian region.

TEL: +886 2 8712 8866
E-mail: [email protected]

DIGITIMES, established in 1998, is a unique information source for readers who need to know about the supply side of the semiconductor, electronics, computer and communications industries. Daily coverage of Taiwan's IT companies and news from China and other regions provide a lifeline to industry professionals, channel players, investment analysts and media around the world.

Contact: Ms. Lee young ae
TEL: +82-2-6749-3149
E-mail: [email protected]

Energy Economic Newspaper
Energy Economic Daily newspaper is the center of the nation's top energy founded in 1989 and the environments. A comprehensive economic newspaper. Seeking trusted media reader market economy values and to pursue journalism through fair on the sidewalk. Energy Economic Daily has contributed to the national economy through economic rational order and enterprise development and lead to sustainable economic growth through international economic growth and balanced distribution. Through the Economic Daily Energy, Energy TV, Internet, mobile, and taking the lead in realizing the interests of a variety of content production and readers.

Contact: Mr. Joonbeom Kwon
TEL: +82-2-523-6611
E-mail: [email protected]

Energy Newspapers
Energy Newspapers is an energy professional media in Korea delivering to readers every Monday. We provide up-to-date gas and energy specialized information to the reader.

Under the slogan of “right information and honest media”, we are the leading energy-oriented professional newspaper in Korea supplying the top energy news. Currently over 30,000 subscribers including government agencies, energy and resource-related public corporations, associations, energy companies and logistics companies (including shipbuilding and shipping companies) receive our service.

Our daily E-mail newsletters service is constantly updated to bring you energy policy and the key issues that occur every day. Also our website ( offers fast and accurate information.

TEL: +49-(0)3305521322
E-mail: [email protected]

H2-international is a blog, a newsletter and an e-journal. The blog offers news and detailed information on the latest research results and other developments in hydrogen and FC technology. The newsletter appears monthly and is published cost-free via the internet and it contains headlines and teasers.
The e-journal on hydrogen and fuel cells is linked to the German language magazine for hydrogen and fuel cells, HZwei, which contains reports from specialist journalists and well-known scientists on technical and policy developments and demonstration projects.
Coverage includes topics from German-language regions, with numerous articles on international activities: US hydrogen experts report on developments in North America and in Japan while Sven Joesting analyses the share prices at leading global fuel cell companies, and foreign correspondent Alexandra Huss informs on a wide range of other regions worldwide.

Contact: Ms.Tiffany Kao
TEL: +886-03-5914142
E-mail: [email protected]

Materialsnet is sponsored by Material and Chemical Research Laboratories of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to provide information on advanced materials development trends and R&D updated status, as well as information on related conferences and international symposia. Everybody is sincerely welcomed to visit the website and make the utmost use of it.
The R&D reports will include articles published both domestically and globally,by research staff at Material and Chemical Research Laboratories of ITRI. One can log-in to as a member to view the full coverage of the paper. But Chinese reading capability is required to view them as they were written in Chinese.

Contact: Mr.Sangwon Han
TEL: +82-2-839-4000
E-mail: [email protected]

Korea Gas Newspaper –
The only gas industry specialized  journal of Korea

The Korea Gas Newspaper has been reporting accurate and in-depth information in the gas industry(LNG, Urban gas, LPG, High-pressure gas, Hydrogene and Fuel cell, gas safety, associated energy, foreign news)for the past 32 years(Founded in 1989).

We have internet Gasnews( and gas daily(for internet and smart phone) in our sisterhood.
We host ‘International Gas&FC Exhibition in Seoul’biennially and hope for active interchange with overseas gas-related companies.

Exhibit-only Site reference(

TEL: +908508850501
E-mail: [email protected]

Target mass of Wind Energy Magazine is design engineers, project firms, maintenance experts and purchase officers who deal with purchase, determination and suggestion of wind energy products.
Wind Energy Magazine, also, appoints to engineers, project managers and business development managers who are interested in purchase, determination and suggestion of products required for supply of services at all stages of wind energy production. In addition, wind measurement, project development, construction, transportation, installation, turbine production, energy distribution firms, maintenance, official institutions, EPDK (Energy Market Auditing Institution, TEİAŞ (Turkey Electric Management Co.), TEDAŞ, EIGM, universities are among important reader profiles.

TEL: +44-(0)2074066619
E-mail: [email protected]

The industry's largest resource for energy content, up-to-the-minute news, projects, developments and research, NS Energy Business is the first platform to offer a‘one stop'information resource tailored to the needs and behaviour of the individual energy professional. With users in more than 100 countries, supported by daily e-newsletters and extensive social media coverage, NS Energy Business examines the drivers that are transforming the whole of the energy sector, from generation to transmission and distribution, upstream oil and gas and beyond. No other resource can offer such extensive insight in a single place -

TEL: +49-(0)30/213005024
E-mail: [email protected]

pv magazine group GmbH & Co. KG
Since the publication of its first magazine in 2008, pv magazine has evolved into the top international publication for solar decision makers and is now leading the global solar media market. over the past decade, pv magazine has expanded its global network and reach, to become the number one knowledge platform in the solar industry. The digital media portfolio from pv magazine complements its print publications, with a dynamic and fast-growing suite of regional news platforms, e-newsletters and a range of interactive, highly engaging and popular events.

Contact: Mr. David Evans
TEL: 0044 207 8710122
E-mail: [email protected]
URL: is the number one source for in-depth and up-to-the-minute news and articles on the solar PV supply chain internationally. With six full-time editors based in Europe and North America, PV-Tech provides the most authoritative news, the busiest blog and proprietary product reviews to keep solar professionals informed round the clock.

TEL: +972775010792
E-mail: [email protected]

Shmuel De-Leon Energy Ltd.
Shmuel De-Leon Energy Ltd. is a leading company in the field of power sources knowledge.
The company provides comprehensive collection of power sources knowledge tools and services:
- Consulting services
- Battery market research reports
- Battery seminars, trainings and conferences orgenizers
- Battery safety training workshop
- Energy storage (Batteries, FC & EV) Weekly newsletter
- Blast mails and PR services (To 160k battery industry members)
- Daily battery news service
- Battery On-Line web DataBase (batteries, fuel cells, capacitors and more...)
- Cells and batteries purchasing services
- Battery testing and certification services
- Pouch and cylindrical prototyping cell production services

TEL: +442085232573
E-mail: [email protected]

Today there is no shortage of information on power and energy. Yet in this age of information overload, most professionals still take the time to read their favourite daily newspaper.
The Energy Industry Times is a newspaper-style tabloid dedicated to reporting on the industry’s key issues. At last, an easy way to follow the latest news and trends in power and energy – from a source you can trust.

Contact: Mr.Myunggyu Song
TEL: 82-10-6385-8466
E-mail: [email protected]

Insight Energy News
Insight Energy News is a Seoul-based Internet energy newspaper founded on
November 9, 2022 that provides news by energy sectors such as oil, resources,
power, gas, renewable, hydrogen, and nuclear power.

Contact: Mr. Byungin Park
TEL: 82-2-563-5291
E-mail: [email protected]

Today Energy News
TodayEnergy has a circulation of 40,000 nationwide. It has settled down its place as a press specializing in GAS, nuclear, renewable energy, environment using these mediums.

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