Thorough measures against Covid-19 for Conference

The show will be held in accordance with the guidelines of the government, municipalities and the exhibition industry association.

*Photos of measures taken during other exhibitions we organized.

①Disinfection of seminar rooms after each session

②Setting clear acrylic board on speakers’ podium

*Clear acrylic board

③2m distancing between speakers’ podium and the front row of attendees

*the 2m (over 6ft) distancing

④Full-time good ventilation with air-conditioning facilities & open doors

⑤Requiring all participants to wear a mask

⑥Temperature measurement of all participants

*Using thermographic cameras for body temperature measurement

⑦Must sanitise hands before entry

⑧Ensuring good social distancing

⑨Setting posters calling for precautions

*No admission without wearing mask, temperature measurement and using hand sanitizer

*The measures are subject to change, depending on the situation